Natural and Safe Ways to Control Insect Pests

It’s usually difficult to resist the urge to pull out a can of insecticide at the sight of even the smallest unwelcome insect in your home. The thought of the chemicals packed into the can and the effects they could have especially when you have children around is what gets you to consider letting it walk.

Regardless of the extent of pests infestation in your home, your health and that of your family always comes first. That doesn’t mean you have to put up with the pests either. There are effective and efficient natural alternatives that can send clear messages to the pests that they’re not welcome in your home. Here are a few you can try out.


Soapy water – with ants, one of the simplest and effective ways of chasing them out is having some soapy water in a spray bottle and using it to spray areas you notice their presence.

Cucumber – ants have a natural aversion for cucumbers especially the bitter variety. Lay out a few slices or peels of the cucumber at the entry points of the ants or near areas they have set up. In no time, they will start moving out.

Mint tea – dry crushed mint tea or cloves are an excellent deterrent for ants. They work great when placed around areas where the ants seem to be most active.

There are other easy to source natural deterrents you can use to get rid of ants like garlic, or the more comprehensive organic diatomaceous earth which is a great way to control most insect pests.

Dust Mites

Because of their microscopic nature, it’s easy to fail to get ahead of dust mites until they’re running havoc in your home. However, there are a few options that you can use to keep them under control.

Cleaning – vacuuming pillows and mattresses and thoroughly washing the beddings is the most efficient way to deal with dust mites. Beddings should be washed at 550C or higher to wipe out any colonies hanging on the sheets while you wash them.

Tannic Acid – this is an easily accessible product that is highly efficient in neutralizing the allergens in dust mites and animal dander. It’s available in powder form that you can sprinkle on problem areas to get rid of the mites and the problems associated with them.

Diatomaceous Earth – food grade diatomaceous earth is a nightmare to most insect pests found in homes. Before sleeping, dust the mattress, rugs and bedding with the powder and leave it for a couple of hours before vacuuming it up. It should get rid of your dust mite problem.


Soapy water – if you’re concerned about the occasional cockroach, you can keep a spray bottle of soapy water around and spray it directly on the cockroach. It’s a safe and efficient way to kill the insect.

Boric Acid – You have to be a little cautious when using boric acid because it’s toxic when ingested. Typically, roaches love high places like the top of cabinets, ceilings and other areas. If you place boric acid in such places, the cockroaches will take it back to their nests killing all of them.

Before bringing in the big guns to take care of your insect pest infestation, it’s advisable to try some efficient but safer natural alternatives that will help kill pests without making your home inhabitable. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about your kids touching the walls and other surfaces as you deal with the insect pest menace.

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