Is DIY Pest Control A Bad Idea?

Given how much we want our homes and offices to be perfect, it’s shocking how some of us tend to ignore the need for professional pest control. Let’s be honest here: How many times have you avoided to call pest control experts and tried some DIY pest control remedies instead? And how many times did these remedies work?

Perhaps, not even a single time.

Have you ever wondered why? Well, the Internet is a boon for sure but you can’t make it your last resort for finding DIY solutions for everything. Admittedly, there are some things that must be left to the professionals and pest control is one of them.

No matter whether you are a DIY enthusiast or simply want to save some bucks by trying home solutions to get rid of those pesky pests – this article is for you.

While home solutions may convince you about getting … Continue Reading

Natural and Safe Ways to Control Insect Pests

It’s usually difficult to resist the urge to pull out a can of insecticide at the sight of even the smallest unwelcome insect in your home. The thought of the chemicals packed into the can and the effects they could have especially when you have children around is what gets you to consider letting it walk.

Regardless of the extent of pests infestation in your home, your health and that of your family always comes first. That doesn’t mean you have to put up with the pests either. There are effective and efficient natural alternatives that can send clear messages to the pests that they’re not welcome in your home. Here are a few you can try out.


Soapy water – with ants, one of the simplest and effective ways of chasing them out is having some soapy water in a spray bottle and using it to spray areas … Continue Reading